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India Pale Ale: Centennial, Galaxy

Delicious IPA.  Goes great with pizza!

Delicious IPA. Goes great with pizza!

I love hops, and a good number of my friends are right there with me.  Given those two facts, I try to always have at least one (of my two) tap(s) pouring a hoppy beer.  With the right equipment setup, and following the right processes, I can also turn around a hoppy brew in under 3 weeks.  They’re always deliciously fresh and bright this way.

It was time for a fresh batch, so I dug into my hop store and decided to put together a nice brew to share with my pals.  The recipe is below, but I’m also going to indulge myself a bit and explain my (still evolving) approach to hop-focused brews.

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Imperial Porter



As the nights get colder, I’m starting to think about dark beers.  Cool summer nights (preferably sitting around a fire with friends) are a great testing ground for the beers that will help us overwinter.

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Building a temperature controller

Finished product and a celsius to fahrenheit conversion chart (see link below)

Finished product and a celsius to fahrenheit conversion chart (see link below)

I’ve been a little remiss on posting here.  Busy, job, etc.  While I haven’t been as regular updating here, I’ve done a number of fun brews over the past few weeks including:

  • A slightly tart Honey Saison incorporating lemon zest, Nelson Sauvin hops, white wine oak and brettanomyces
  • A full-bodied, super roasty Porter
  • An IPA highlighting Simcoe and Amarillo hops

Posts will be forthcoming with recipes and notes on each.

In the meantime, I’ve also been busy building out some new capabilities.  One of the things that I’ve really skirted by with over the past year or two is fermentation temperature control.  A week or two ago, I finally did something about it…  Read more…

Four Grain American Farmhouse Ale


Wonderful on a humid summer day

It seems the Saison or Farmhouse Ale has become in vogue.  Just about every brewery and homebrewer is producing their own take.

Unfortunately, in my experience, most commercially available examples aren’t particularly interesting.  Despite its light color and (usually) low gravity, a Saison should have a subtle complexity.  Accessible to most drinkers, but interesting for those more pensive towards their beverages.

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Table IPA


I read a good article the other day highlighting the merits of flavorful, but low gravity beers.  It does seem like as long as craft brewing has been a thing, we’ve been obsessed with bigger, bolder, rarer (ingredients or beers), etc.

There’s something to be said for a beer that is succinct, accessible and purposeful.  Maybe even moreso for the (commercial) brewers out there who are brave enough to put their brand behind something like that.

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Citra IPA


Conan yeast from the appropriately hyped Heady Topper

Pretty quick post today.  I’ve consciously stayed away from Citra hops over the last year or so (not completely, but somewhat).  I just feel like they’re almost too easy.  They’re so tasty and accessible, it’s hard to make something that tastes bad with them.

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