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Brewday: citramarillo fruition pale ale

February 27, 2012

Belgian Pale Ale gets a (really, really) late addition of a few Citra Hop Cones.

After a long week of work, I was convinced to do a Friday night brew by my friend Barry.  He had never brewed before, but enjoys beer and has humored my over-explanations for some time.  Likely in an effort to shut me up, he indicated an interest in observing and learning the process.

I’d planned this one a good while in advance and ingredients on hand, so that was all it took for me.  I also have some friends coming from Pittsburgh at the end of March, so I wanted to make sure I had something tasty on hand for the occasion.

The beer that we made is pale (perhaps extra pale) and sessionable, hopbursted with loads of citra and amarillo hops.  As discussed in previous posts – citra and amarillo are noted for their flavoring and aromatic qualities – citrus, tropical, floral.  This should be a great spring beer.  If this beer is as good as I think its going to be, I’m glad that I have enough hops leftover to brew an encore.

Recipe after the jump..

Citramarillo Fruition Pale Ale:

Size: 5.0 gal
Efficiency: 79.0%
Attenuation: 75.0%
Measured Original Gravity: 1.050 (1.045 – 1.060)
Measured Terminal Gravity: 1.010 (1.010 – 1.015)

Color: 9.16 (5.0 – 14.0)
Alcohol: 4.89% (4.5% – 6.0%)
Bitterness: 44.6 (30.0 – 45.0)


  • 6.0 lb Superior Pilsen Malt
  • 1.0 lb White Wheat Malt
  • 1.0 lb Munich Malt
  • 1.0 lb Honey Malt
  • 0.33 oz Warrior® (16.0%) – First Wort Hop
  • 0.5 oz Citra™ (12.0%) – added during boil, boiled 15.0 m
  • 0.5 oz Amarillo® (8.5%) – added during boil, boiled 10.0 m
  • 0.5 oz Citra™ (12.0%) – added during boil, boiled 5.0 m
  • 0.5 oz Amarillo® (8.5%) – added during boil, boiled 5.0 m
  • 0.5 oz Citra™ (12.0%) – added dry to secondary fermenter
  • 0.5 oz Amarillo® (8.5%) – added dry to secondary fermenter
  • 1.0 ea Fermentis US-05 Safale US-05 (dehydrated before pitching)


  • Mash-In – Liquor: 2.81 gal; Strike: 162.28 °F; Target: 150 °F
  • Batch Sparge – Batch Sparge: 3.44 gal sparge @ 168.0 °F, 0.0 m; 
  • Total Wort Collected: 5.31 gal


  • Not much, especially since I wasn’t brewing alone (for once).  We did enjoy some takeout burritos from Cantina Loco and a bit of Arcade Fire’s “Funeral” on vinyl

Today, I transferred this to a sanitized secondary and took a FG reading.  Everything is going as planned – will get this into a keg in another two weeks and do a natural carbonation.  If I happen to kick the Belgian Pale Ale Keg, that schedule will get bumped up a bit.
Up next is a beer of Barry’s choosing – Cherry Old Ale, then an Orange Peel Belgian Pale (which I have a special idea for) and likely an English Bitter before too long.
3/9/12: Kegged and added priming sugar for 2.65 vol CO2.  
3/14/12: Kicked a keg of belgian pale ale, put this in fridge to lager.  
3/15/12: Down to 43F.  Stole a sample.  Still too fresh, barely carbonated.  Put under 18# of pressure for the next few days.  Despite this, sample was delightful.  This is going to be a great beer.  Ordering ingredients for my Dad and I to split a 10 gal batch.  Going to up the bittering addition slightly.

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