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Re-Brewday: Fruition Pale Ale (Formerly Citramarillo)

March 26, 2012

This past Friday, I drove the 70 miles to my parents’ house to spend some time with, and brew with, my Dad.  We had a really great day of beer-sampling, bread-making, dog-entertaining and, of course, brewing.

The man himself.  Millin’ Pilsen.

About a week ago, my Dad was in Buffalo on business and stopped by.  I had just put my “Citramarillo” Pale Ale (since renamed Fruition) keg in the fridge.  While it wasn’t ready yet, I knew it was going to be a winner, so I gave him a little sample.  One taste and he said “ooh I could drink that.  can we make this?”  I had already decided on brewing an encore, so I scaled my recipe up to 10 gallons and placed an order at Rebel Brewer.  This will probably be the last time I can brew this for a while, as the Citra hops are now very hard to find.

Worth noting – my Dad also brews.  The difference between he and I is that his motivation is more having great beer on hand that he can say “I made that”, whereas I am motivated by an obsessive compulsive desire to perfect my craft and recipes.

This will mostly be pictures – I won’t bother with re-posting the recipe.  You can find it here, in its original post.  It was doubled for this brewday, so that Dad and I could have our own.  While I’m extremely happy with it, I may opt to use some extra dry hops (same varietals) to see how much it improves the flavor and aroma.

Cutting a new base for my barley crusher mill.  The MDF base that they supply looks nice, but is not very durable.  I’m on #2 already.  That said, it’s a really good mill.

Nice picture of daddio.

Cracked open one of my bottles of La Folie for the occasion.  Mmm mmm.  Flanders Red Brewday coming soon.

The mash.  That’s about 8 gallons of grist and water.  And a dash of 5.2 Ph buffering solution.

Ze Vorlauf.  Love that color.  This is about what the finished product looks like.

7 oz of citrusy hop wonderfulness.


18# of spent grains being properly disposed of.  We’re all kinds of sustainable.

Home-made focaccia.  Delicious.

A mug of Dad’s Surly Bender Clone.  A good kit of one of my all-time favorite beers.

Boilin.  Using a hop bag to keep those 7 oz under control.

In the fermenter, ready for yeast to be pitched.  Foamy. 


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